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About Alchemy

Welcome to

Alchemy Online

Welcome to Alchemy – our very little shop with a very big heart! Alchemy was founded in November 2019 by Kathy and Charlotte. Our ethos is to reuse, reduce and recycle and we really don’t like waste. We love to discover beautiful vintage finds and unique handmade treasures.

When we opened the shop, we wanted to feel a part of the local community and wanted to share our lovely space with other local artists and makers. Over the last few months we’ve had the great fortune to meet so many talented local people. We’re thrilled to also showcase their work and give customers a great selection of things to buy for themselves, the home or as special gifts. We hope you love everything as much as we do.

157 High Road is an old building, part of The Blue Anchor Pub which dates back to 1823.

Our little shop has been many things over the years; off-licence to the pub, hardware store, framing shop…in its current incarnation it is a place of calm, beauty and peace. We hope you feel perfectly at home here. For us, the best thing of all is when you come in to browse and love it just as much as we do.


In 2018 I left my career in finance to find something which would mean more to me. It’s been quite a journey but I now work out of my beautiful garden studio (The Shed!) where I make all sorts of things. My main passions are ceramics, glass, soaps and candles.

Changing my career so drastically has been an exciting challenge, requiring a complete change of lifestyle and lots of hard work with an incredible amount of financial risk, but I have never been happier. I have learned a lot on my journey – that money doesn’t buy happiness, that time passes too quickly, and that the most important element of our brief time on Earth is the people with which we surround ourselves. In this regard, I’m the richest person in the world and I am ever thankful.


After working in West End Theatre for 20 years as a Stage Manager and as a Prop Buyer, I knew it wouldn’t be possible to carry on juggling this career with a family life.

The most enjoyable part of my job used to be working on period theatre productions when I could go shopping to antique shops and markets. Now, because of Alchemy, I am able to continue to do this with the added enjoyment of working with great friends whilst bringing everything back to my very own shop to sell!